Our Strengths


With an experienced, well trained support team that studies the assembly process both prior to and during production operations. The staff insures that the materials are correct, on time and the methods used yield high quality products that are efficiently assembled in order to create a unique, memorable Classic Car Trolley.


Cable Car Classics believes that with our proprietary equipment, processes and innovative purchasing abilities, we continue be a very competitive. Qualified and dedicated manufacturing teams use their skills and a genuine pride in workmanship to assemble your trolley to exacting standards.

Leaders in Quality

Our manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, and management experience has earned Cable Car Classics the reputation as a leader in quality and service in trolley fabrication.

Strong value in our assembly services

  • Fast to standard turnaround times for assembly – standard 5 or 10 days or scheduled turns.
  • Small to medium volume to production level quantities.
  • Assembly with customer-supplied parts (consigned assembly) or with parts procured by us. (Turnkey assembly) or a combination of the two.
  • Process oriented and highest quality assembly.
  • On time delivery and customer service
  • Repeatability

Precision CNC Capabilities

We are an ISO-compliant, full-service assembly operating capable of supplying prototype and production quantities using precision CNC machining. Using the most modern machining technologies coupled with the latest innovations in CNC multifunctional turning center, vertical machining centers, programming software and tooling allows us to optimize product quality, increase production, and deliver our customers exceptional results. All job routers, materials, outside services and inspection procedures are 100% traceable and tracked throughout the entire trolley fabricating process.

Project management

From proof-of-concept to post-installation training and service, our meticulous project management and personalized customer service and support separates us from the competition.

Our results-driven lean manufacturing philosophy and precision assembly expertise will give you peace-of-mind that your project will be done right.

Cable Car Classics is with you every step of the way.