Heavy Duty Transit Trolleys

Form and function that lasts and lasts

Cable Car Classics tailors modern Gillig transit vehicles with the highly desired, high quality features of classic cable car charm on a heavy duty transit platform. These results are achieved without sacrificing the high standards, modern technologies, service maintainability, and reliable performance required by transit authorities, mechanics, and drivers.

Our trolleys provide the experience and image preferred by tourists, shoppers, and travelers. This results in the increased ridership desired by board of supervisors, merchants, chambers of commerce and town councils.

Cable Car Classics takes trolley-style tailoring to a new level with its seamless integration of modern hybrid technology. Without sacrificing any of our classic trolley features customers may opt to leverage Allison’s state of the art hybrid parallel drive diesel/electric system to optimize performance and efficiency.

100% Electric trolley with zero on-board emissions. Clean and quiet.